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​​​​​​​We Provide Unsecured Business Loans

​​​​​​​No Collateral​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Merchant Cash Fast, with MP Merchant Solutions for fast short term

MCA loans with daily / weekly payments.  Victory Business Lending, with Fundwise for all other business loans. Both service small, medium, and large business loans. For longer term solutions Click Here...​​​​​​

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The money provided is distributed by MP Business Funding. Ray or Lisa work with you directly, other than on funding day, when underwriting makes the funding call. 

The unsecured busniess loan alternatives are exactly what the headline above reads. An advance on your future earnings, require No Collateral, and you can do anything you want with the money.​​​​​​​

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Please reach back out to either of us for your vetting purposes so we can guide you toward the next step!

Ray & Lisa Jernukian​​​​​​​

Advance On Future Earnings

Your Direct Contact

Reach Out

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Minimum Loan Qualifications

With Merchant Account

Without Merchant Account

  • Completed Application
  • 3 Months Merchant Account Statements
  • 3 Months Business Bank Statements
  • 10 Deposits Per Month
  • $1,250 In Monthly Gross Deposits
  • No More Than 7 Negative Days For The Entire Cycle

  • Completed Application
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statements
  • 8 Deposits Per Month
  • $8,000 In Monthly Gross Deposits
  • No more than 7 Negative Days For The Entire Cycle

Other Information

  • Max Loan Amount Is Up To 2X Monthly Deposits
  • Min Loan Amount Is $2,500
  • ​​​​​​​Max Loan Amount Is $1,000,000

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Ease and Simplicity

Even if you've been turned down by banks before, we will work with you to help you find alternative funding solutions for your business, regardless of whether or not you have been turned down for any reason, to include less than spotless credit.​​​​​​​

Get Approved

One Page Application

Get Your Funds

Say goodbye to long, complicated, time-consuming applications! Our underwritting team has a simple, one page application process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. This sets our clients at ease as they are use to filling out paperwork for hours, if not days!​​​​​​​

After you've been approved, we'll get your contract for funding submited the same day, so you can put your money to work immediately! Nothing on earth drives any of us more nuts than sitting around waiting for an approval with most lenders.